Humans are shrewd creatures. We say one thing and do another, believing that we are clever enough to get away with it. Deception is like a cat and mouse game. We do whatever deeds are pleasing to us and hope to never be caught. This is exactly how cheating is. We try to justify our lustful desires by whatever means we can. Regardless of all this, the question still remains, is it ever okay to have an affair? What about personal issues, social pressures, and effects of cheating website scams, the values and norms we share amongst ourselves? Well, the answer may very well not be as clear-cut as we may think. Each person has his or her own justification for infidelity based on his or her own circumstances and beliefs.

Here are some rather hypothetical grounds for cheating. I am by no means asserting the soundness of morality on these issues; they are just highlights of people’s own opinions about their involvement and justification for infidelity.

1. Your Partner Cheated on You


“Get over it”

We all have an entrenched need to give our own justice for ill done to us. This I can relate to on the basis of my own experiences as the middle kid at home. When the older kid takes advantage, you try to retaliate by devising some clever scheme. You do me this and I do you that. It is an innate need for justice. It will not resolve any problems of course, but there is a peculiar ethical gray zone. In fact, it is more like a moral red zone. How can this make having an affair better? If your spouse cheated on you and you decided to sleep with someone else, you should ask yourself, “is this really for revenge or am I just leveling the playing field?” Further, ask yourself if you would go even further and do it with someone you knew your spouse really despised. Maybe you wanted to do it with someone you had always desired to sleep with. Of course, the other party would also have to be willing to sleep with you. Whatever the circumstances of the affair, your choice of justice is conducted at your own risk. In essence, life is not a math problem. We cannot delete or undo what has already been done. Likewise, we cannot say that ‘I cheated on you because you cheated on me and that’s equal and final justification’. We all know that life does not necessarily work that way.

2. Cheating To Fulfill Family’s Best Interest


“Look for the signs”

There are those who believe that it is totally okay to have an affair in the best interest of their family and livelihood. Some people in relationships have sex to make ends meet. It’s like a stay-at-home occupation. Others work at places renowned for offering sexual services. Yes, you see these regular people every day with their spouses, kids and massive responsibilities. When the partner has extramarital sex with ‘clients’ or engages in flirty activities on the job, can it be considered as cheating? Some may argue that infidelity is deeper than sex. I would agree. If your spouse supports and encourages your way of life, then you are obviously not cheating on him. When you are deceitful and lie about what you do, who you’ve been with and live a secret life, then this will be regarded as cheating.

3. You Know That Your Spouse will never find Out


“The truth has way to reveal itself”

Let us not be the valiant here. We all have our share of secrets. Perhaps you made a mistake one night after being heavily intoxicated or maybe you had an unintentional fling. You will have to measure the consequences. If you told your spouse, it would ruin everything, and not telling your spouse means that you only have to live with this tiny, little lie. What should you do now? I would say that it is all up to you. Only you can know how important your relationship is and how your partner would react to your deceit. We all have our lives to live, and we live in a real world where intimate relationships require a lot of work. In reality, relationships should be based on absolute trust, respect and honesty. I can see the reasoning behind not wanting to reveal an affair that would ruin many years of relationship building based on one little moment of bad decision. If I was in your spouse’s position and you revealed your discrepancy to me, I probably would understand and move on from there. You cannot kill a person for being honest with you, especially if they feel really badly about their error. Then again, I am not your spouse.

4. A Little Flirting Here and There


“Men love to flirt”

Is flirting cheating? Since it is not actual sex, many don’t think so. Why not have some fun at a bar then go home to the spouse? Some people flirt for fun and others do it for the pleasure. Most people probably never thought that a little flirting here and there could possibly lure them in the bedroom. How hungry could we possibly be for attention and sexual gratification? Then again, every relationship is different, and the tolerance of our intimate relations with others varies from couple to couple. When a couple likes to flirt together and bring other couples into the relationship, then this is probably not an affair. When your partner acknowledges and encourages your flirtations with others then it is consensual. However, when your partner has absolutely no idea what is going on, and would never agree with your behavior, it’s definitely cheating. Again, every couple is different. You have to know your own limits in a relationship.

5. Is It Cheating When You Are Far, Far Away?

Well, one thing is sure, if you had sex with someone other than your spouse without his knowledge and consent, then you cheated. I guess it doesn’t really matter where you did it. It could be on this planet or another, the fact remains. Fun things can however happen to our various expeditions. Sometimes people need companionship wherever they go. It can be very understandable why you cheated while you were away for a long period. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that knowledge of your affairs will be accepted. Sometimes in order to have great travel experiences, we need to enjoy both people and places.

6. Cheating Website Scams and Scandals

We are in the era of advanced technology. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, and the internet have all played a significant role in how we socialize. Cheating has become rampant with increased technology and access. Most people own smart phones or other intelligent devices. In addition, as our lives become more tech savvy, our social influence is greatly determined by what we do and where we go when we are online. There are many tempting cheating website scams > online that can cause quite a bit of scandal. There are also those cheating website scams that are not actually scams, but has a host of legitimate people who are seeking illicit affairs. You have to be careful when you explore these websites. In case you want to know more about Married, then you can read married secrets review, i.e. available here and check if there are any scams. If you choose to cheat via cheating sites, be wary of the people you meet and the amount of information you reveal. Many people use these sites as mediums through which they would like to have sex with total strangers and not being found out. Well, whether you are tech savvy or not, people are people. Meeting people online for sex is the same as meeting people in a bar for sex. So, if it is not okay to meet people at a local bar for sex, then it is probably not okay to meet people online for sexual affairs either.

There are many “IF’s” and “BUT’s” here. There are many jokes in between. But, I think the principle of cheating is quite clear. When it comes to affairs, the truths, consequences and resolutions are in the eyes of the beholder. The reality is that if you would want to hide your external sexual relations from your spouse, and would never want to reveal the truth under any circumstances, it is not okay for you to have an affair.