Canadian Film Scene

Canada is one of the world’s largest nations. This vast nation stretches across three oceans and includes many kinds of geographic features. It also includes not only coastal scenery but large, world class cities as well such as Toronto and Montreal. Canada is also home to a well-educated population of people with a per capita income that is one of the world’s highest. Many Canadians speak both English and French. Many others speak many important world languages such as Russian and Chinese. All of these factors help make this nation of the world’s best places for those in search of the ideal location to film a movie.

Amazing Scenery

The nation of Canada has many locations for filming. A firm director who wants to set a movie in a small coastal town can easily find many places here such as Prince Edward Island that are dotted with charming small towns pleased to welcome film crews. The same is true for the nation’s vast plains and mountain ranges. The interior of the country is home to many mountain ranges that are ideal for filming. A film that is set in a cold climate can also be easily filmed in Canada as the nation allows film-makers easy access to the northern arctic part of the world.

Bustling Cities

Directors who want to set a film in a large urban location can also do so easily when working in Canada. Canada is home to many large cities such as Ottawa and Vancouver. Many large urban areas offer film studio rental for a relatively small fee. Filming a movie in Toronto or Winnipeg can far cheaper than filming it in other comparable urban areas such as Paris or New York. This can help make filming in Canada far cheaper than filming in other parts of the world.

A Vibrant Film Industry

Those who choose to make a film here in Canada will find they are working with an already existing film industry with many skilled professionals who can help them. Canadians have been active in the film industry for nearly the entire history of the industry. Any film-maker wishing to film a movie in Canada will find a great deal of support for their needs at every turn. Canada is home to many notable actors and actresses. Canada is also home to many people who can assist in all aspects of film production including the technical side as well as marketing and sales.

Toronto is particularly notable when it comes to the Canadian movie industry. It has attracted the eye of the largely U.S. based film industry partially due to the attractive exchange rate. This helps keep the cost down on production considerably.

If one is really considering cost cutting  and has a penchant for western themed locations for filming, Docville Movie Set in Newcastle Ontario is a great bargain compared to similarly equipped western movie set alternatives.  It provides tremendous amenities on an 8-acre location for a $2000 daily rate. Close to the 401 and a 50-minute drive from Toronto.

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