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“Find a likeminded to group share your kinky life”

Society as a whole is a bit backwards, isn’t it? Beer and body wash companies will use boobs all over their advertisements to catch your eye, and yet openly talking about even vanilla sex in public with an interested conversation partner will earn you scornful looks from passers-by. Our carnal natures are constantly appealed to on billboards, magazines, commercials, and Internet ads, and yet even acknowledging the fact that the temptation is being put forth is grounds for ridicule. It’s quite the elephant in the room – except the elephant is covered in breasts and you’re confusingly aroused by it.

Which, obviously (or not), brings us to kink’s place in all this. It’s hard enough for people with vanilla interests to express themselves. The kinkster has quite a rough road ahead of them indeed. All is not hopeless, though. There are plenty of ways for you to show your lifestyle off in public, with or without a partner beside you.

Social Expectations and You

“Let go of social expectations, do what makes you happy”

Let’s just get this out of the way. If you want to live in society and enjoy all the comforts it has to offer – a comfy apartment with WiFi so you can browse RedTube or fetish dating site reviews, for example – you’re going to have to pay lip service to the rules that it has set up and respect the personal boundaries of those around you. As an individual in the kink community, you’re surely familiar with the motto of safe, sane, and consensual. That C-word at the end is the key here. You’re free to indulge your kink as long as you don’t invade the boundaries or compromise the safety of people who aren’t involved. And don’t play dumb about not understanding how others could be affected. If you’re adult enough to want your partner to walk you down the street like a dog while you’re in your gimp suit, you’re adult enough to understand that your actions have an effect on people who bear witness to them. Just like you’re free to express yourself, they should be free to not be a background extra in your roleplay fantasies.

Low-key Ways to Indulge Yourself Without Making Others Uncomfortable

“You can pass through as a Goth couple”

While the gimp suit and walk down Main Street may be out, don’t put away that dog collar just yet. Collars are subtle enough fashion accessories that you or your partner will be able to sport them without making any bystanders uncomfortable. When making them an everyday part of a wardrobe, you and your partner also have the opportunity to design outfits around them. That gives you an excuse to buy a wide array of collars for every occasion. You may not always be able to work the leash in, but then, the best-trained dogs don’t need leashes to stand by their masters. Show her how much you’ve learned or have her impress you with her discipline.

Body art is also a good way to express yourself in a way that doesn’t offend the sensibilities of the most passers-by. (Passers-by who sneer at tattoos and piercings, well, they could use a few lessons from you on how to respect other people.) Subtle Celtic knots or tribal designs around the neck and wrists can denote chains. Ear gauges and nose piercings can have chains attached that are safe and comfortable enough to be kept in on the go, while still being visible. Of course, body art and piercings tend toward the permanent side of things. You’ll want to consult your own personal tastes, as well as your partner’s, before installing anything.

“You can use body art to express yourselves”

It can also tend toward the expensive side for good results, but you don’t want to skimp on quality in the name of price when it comes to something that is being carved into or poked onto your body. Saving a hundred bucks or so isn’t worth having those Celtic knots on your ankles look like something out of a kindergartener’s crayon-on-walls art. If you’re not willing to go the whole hog for a full sleeve or back of full color body art, there are more subtle pieces available. Simple chains in black are a perennial favorite, and a somewhat newer trend involves designs in white ink. White ink leaves marks that resemble white-hot brands – the resemblance is what draws the eye of many kinkstersfrom fetish dating site reviews- and allows for striking and unique results. Consult with your partner and design some possible pieces together. It’s a good bonding experience, and will make your eventual finished canvas that much more personal.

To state the obvious, you absolutely, positively don’t want to go the homebrew route with tattoos and piercing. You’re just asking for an emergency room visit and a nasty infection. If you remember stories from high school about your friends piercing their ear in the bathroom with an ice cube, needle, and a handful of paper towels, you can blame their survival on teenage dumb luck. You really, really don’t want to try the more complicated or sensitive piercings on your own unless you’re a certified professional. Genitals are sensitive enough and don’t need to be poked by a needle wielded by shaking, inexperienced hands. The best professionals will discuss the procedure with you and tell you about the care you’ll need to apply after the procedure, as well as for the years to come.They can also give you advice on procedures like gauging, which require some measure of personal upkeep, if further expansion is wanted. Be very cautious with gauging, and err on the side of patience. Trying to stretch the ear or lip too quickly can result in tearing and terrible infections, as well as scarring that can only be corrected with cosmetic surgery.

How to Convince a Partner to Indulge with You

“You can always go with the changing fashion”

Of course, all of the above suggestions assume a willing partner or the single man out in the world on his own. What if your lady isn’t totally on board with showing off your bedroom interests in public? Communication is, as always, key here. Sit down together and discuss why she’s uncomfortable.

If she’s just shy about it, try suggesting she try subtle things to work up. A slender collar that’s almost indistinguishable from a stylish necklace won’t draw any confused looks, and will give her that pleasant feeling of naughtiness and danger without overwhelming her. Suggest that you try things first, to show that there’s no danger in it. If she’s afraid of the commitment of something like body art, have yourself serve as the canvas, or try less permanent ideas. Drawing on each other with (skin-safe) paints available on the top sites for adult supplies can be very intimate, and will easily wash off once you’ve grown tired of it.

If she’s uncomfortable with sharing such a personal part of herself and your relationship with the outside world, you may be tempted to shoot back that engagement and wedding rings have the same effect, but try to see things from her point of view. It’s flattering that she doesn’t want to share you with the world, but explain to her that there’s no sharing to be had. You’re showing each other off as taken.

Always try to discuss the matter with your partner. If she’s firmly against it, drop the subject or drop the relationship and start reading through fetish dating site reviews. Check the ranking of the sites at fixatedfreak.com/best-dating-sites/. Choose a legit site and start fresh. Decide which is more important to you: your kink life or your relationship.

Humans are shrewd creatures. We say one thing and do another, believing that we are clever enough to get away with it. Deception is like a cat and mouse game. We do whatever deeds are pleasing to us and hope to never be caught. This is exactly how cheating is. We try to justify our lustful desires by whatever means we can. Regardless of all this, the question still remains, is it ever okay to have an affair? What about personal issues, social pressures, and effects of cheating website scams, the values and norms we share amongst ourselves? Well, the answer may very well not be as clear-cut as we may think. Each person has his or her own justification for infidelity based on his or her own circumstances and beliefs.

Here are some rather hypothetical grounds for cheating. I am by no means asserting the soundness of morality on these issues; they are just highlights of people’s own opinions about their involvement and justification for infidelity.

1. Your Partner Cheated on You


“Get over it”

We all have an entrenched need to give our own justice for ill done to us. This I can relate to on the basis of my own experiences as the middle kid at home. When the older kid takes advantage, you try to retaliate by devising some clever scheme. You do me this and I do you that. It is an innate need for justice. It will not resolve any problems of course, but there is a peculiar ethical gray zone. In fact, it is more like a moral red zone. How can this make having an affair better? If your spouse cheated on you and you decided to sleep with someone else, you should ask yourself, “is this really for revenge or am I just leveling the playing field?” Further, ask yourself if you would go even further and do it with someone you knew your spouse really despised. Maybe you wanted to do it with someone you had always desired to sleep with. Of course, the other party would also have to be willing to sleep with you. Whatever the circumstances of the affair, your choice of justice is conducted at your own risk. In essence, life is not a math problem. We cannot delete or undo what has already been done. Likewise, we cannot say that ‘I cheated on you because you cheated on me and that’s equal and final justification’. We all know that life does not necessarily work that way.

2. Cheating To Fulfill Family’s Best Interest


“Look for the signs”

There are those who believe that it is totally okay to have an affair in the best interest of their family and livelihood. Some people in relationships have sex to make ends meet. It’s like a stay-at-home occupation. Others work at places renowned for offering sexual services. Yes, you see these regular people every day with their spouses, kids and massive responsibilities. When the partner has extramarital sex with ‘clients’ or engages in flirty activities on the job, can it be considered as cheating? Some may argue that infidelity is deeper than sex. I would agree. If your spouse supports and encourages your way of life, then you are obviously not cheating on him. When you are deceitful and lie about what you do, who you’ve been with and live a secret life, then this will be regarded as cheating.

3. You Know That Your Spouse will never find Out


“The truth has way to reveal itself”

Let us not be the valiant here. We all have our share of secrets. Perhaps you made a mistake one night after being heavily intoxicated or maybe you had an unintentional fling. You will have to measure the consequences. If you told your spouse, it would ruin everything, and not telling your spouse means that you only have to live with this tiny, little lie. What should you do now? I would say that it is all up to you. Only you can know how important your relationship is and how your partner would react to your deceit. We all have our lives to live, and we live in a real world where intimate relationships require a lot of work. In reality, relationships should be based on absolute trust, respect and honesty. I can see the reasoning behind not wanting to reveal an affair that would ruin many years of relationship building based on one little moment of bad decision. If I was in your spouse’s position and you revealed your discrepancy to me, I probably would understand and move on from there. You cannot kill a person for being honest with you, especially if they feel really badly about their error. Then again, I am not your spouse.

4. A Little Flirting Here and There


“Men love to flirt”

Is flirting cheating? Since it is not actual sex, many don’t think so. Why not have some fun at a bar then go home to the spouse? Some people flirt for fun and others do it for the pleasure. Most people probably never thought that a little flirting here and there could possibly lure them in the bedroom. How hungry could we possibly be for attention and sexual gratification? Then again, every relationship is different, and the tolerance of our intimate relations with others varies from couple to couple. When a couple likes to flirt together and bring other couples into the relationship, then this is probably not an affair. When your partner acknowledges and encourages your flirtations with others then it is consensual. However, when your partner has absolutely no idea what is going on, and would never agree with your behavior, it’s definitely cheating. Again, every couple is different. You have to know your own limits in a relationship.

5. Is It Cheating When You Are Far, Far Away?

Well, one thing is sure, if you had sex with someone other than your spouse without his knowledge and consent, then you cheated. I guess it doesn’t really matter where you did it. It could be on this planet or another, the fact remains. Fun things can however happen to our various expeditions. Sometimes people need companionship wherever they go. It can be very understandable why you cheated while you were away for a long period. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that knowledge of your affairs will be accepted. Sometimes in order to have great travel experiences, we need to enjoy both people and places.

6. Cheating Website Scams and Scandals

We are in the era of advanced technology. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, and the internet have all played a significant role in how we socialize. Cheating has become rampant with increased technology and access. Most people own smart phones or other intelligent devices. In addition, as our lives become more tech savvy, our social influence is greatly determined by what we do and where we go when we are online. There are many tempting cheating website scams > online that can cause quite a bit of scandal. There are also those cheating website scams that are not actually scams, but has a host of legitimate people who are seeking illicit affairs. You have to be careful when you explore these websites. In case you want to know more about Married secrets.com, then you can read married secrets review, i.e. available here and check if there are any marriedsecrets.com scams. If you choose to cheat via cheating sites, be wary of the people you meet and the amount of information you reveal. Many people use these sites as mediums through which they would like to have sex with total strangers and not being found out. Well, whether you are tech savvy or not, people are people. Meeting people online for sex is the same as meeting people in a bar for sex. So, if it is not okay to meet people at a local bar for sex, then it is probably not okay to meet people online for sexual affairs either.

There are many “IF’s” and “BUT’s” here. There are many jokes in between. But, I think the principle of cheating is quite clear. When it comes to affairs, the truths, consequences and resolutions are in the eyes of the beholder. The reality is that if you would want to hide your external sexual relations from your spouse, and would never want to reveal the truth under any circumstances, it is not okay for you to have an affair.

There are a few people who are lucky enough to grab a dream salary when they start their first job. The rest of us however, usually earn a lot less and must learn how to save money on a small salary. This may sound very difficult, but in reality it can be quite simple to go about. To be able to save for the future, the most important thing to have is control.

People love using credit cards. These are fast and simple and you can stop worrying about carrying cash all the time. However, credit cards tend to rack up interest. Since you are technically borrowing money to pay, you also have to pay interest at the end of a month. The more you use a credit card, the more interest you pay. Add this to all the other little “expenses” that occur with a card and you could end up paying or owing extra $50-$100 each month! This is important to remember if you want to save money on a small salary.

Don't buy too much

Don’t buy too much

It is a natural response to want to spend money when you are working hard to make it. But that is no excuse to overspend your salary and then have no savings to speak of! Ideally, somewhere near 20% of your monthly salary should be kept aside in a saving deposit that you cannot touch unless it is an emergency. Keeping in mind that you have a goal to stick to makes it easier to save money on a small salary.

Plan your income accordingly and save up a great deal of money

Plan your income accordingly and save up a great deal of money

We tend to not use our money wisely because we don’t have long term goals to adhere to. If you simply keep saying that you need to buy a house, chances are you’ll keep saying it ten or twenty years from now. If you make it into a goal with a deadline – such as buying a house when you turn 30 – you will be able to plan your income accordingly and save up a great deal of money. This is one of the best ways to keep your money in your pockets and not waste it.

Finally, you need to learn how to prioritize. You can put off the purchase of cell phones, fashion accessories, shoes and the like for a few months. But if you are getting a great offer on assets such as stocks, real estate and investments that will make you money, spend your money on them and secure a source of passive income in the future! These are some of the basic ways in which you can save money on a small salary.

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IM001410-300x225Being a teenager is not exactly the easiest time in your life. My buddy Jonas has a kid and man it’s tough for him. Your body is going through some changes; and you are trying to find yourself, gain acceptance from your peers and so much.

It is important to know how you can make a good first impression; it is a necessary tool for making new and lifelong friends; going on a job interview as a teenager and getting dates.

Here are a couple of tips to help teenagers make a great first impression when meeting someone or a group of people for the first time:

• Stand up tall and inhale deeply – a limp body posture will not only make you look shorter than your actual height, it also screams “I am not confident in myself”.

• Have a quick glance at the person(s) you wish to impress – when you look at the person, you will be able to know the best way to approach them.

• Walk confidently towards the person

• As you approach the person, ensure that you look at him or her straight in the eye, ensure that your hold the gaze for about 2 to 3 seconds.

• Smile warmly and you offer to shake hands with them – give a firm handshake

• Introduce yourself and then tell them that you are pleased to make their acquaintance

• Ask for the person’s name, if you do not know it already

• Prior to parting ways, you should try repeating the person’s name in a really natural way, like “I am so glad I met you today Dylan” or “I hope to see you again Patrick”.

• Ensure that you listen and make eye contact when the other person is talking.

• You need to be relaxed and exude confidence. It is important that you know that your energy and attitude can be infectious!

Making a great impression really starts from you! Having a sunny disposition will make people want to come close to you – no one wants to be around a person who is consistently grouchy.

It is important that you are yourself when you are making a great first impression – there is really no point being someone else.

Most Importantly: Dress to impress! As teenager, you cannot make a great first impression on the parents of the boy or girl you wish to date if you go to their house, dressed irresponsibly. No parent in their right senses will allow their kid date a person who looks like an ex-con!

401-inlawsSpecial thanks to my buddy for this post. When some people get married they consider it to be the time when they will no longer be answerable to the authority of their parents but soon find out that the people they complained about interfering in their lives are not the biggest problem they face. They now don’t have to answer to their own parents but find that the in-laws are now trying to rule their lives. So how to you get to the stage where you can the live the life you and your spouse want, raise your children the way you want and not fall out with the in-laws.

If you can find a good way to set the limits of the in-laws input from the start is will not be too bad, but it could be that you have to revisit the limit from time to time. It can be little things such as making sure they arrange to visit and don’t make arrangements on your behalf without your consent. They may have arranged a great day but it does not mean you and the children do not have other plans.

Make sure that you and your spouse work as a team and that they will back you if you consider their parents are getting too involved. That does not mean that you don’t talk to them and express your views, but don’t end up in a position where you stand firm and your partner capitulates to them.

Don’t let any problems you have drag on but get a resolution as soon as possible. That does not mean open up the debate over Christmas dinner, but the sooner the boundaries are known the quicker you can get on with the rest of your lives. Make sure that you choose the thing to hold out over. If you refuse to be flexible and try to demand that the in-laws do everything the way you want, you risk alienating them and other family members. If you do this and turn out to be wrong over something it could affect the view others have about your input in the past.

One of the most important things is to be honest about what your in-laws are doing. Are they really trying to run your lives or have they made a few suggestions that you did not like. If you are the first person to marry one of their children remember that may need to readjust to the new relationship. They need to know what you want and by just opposing anything they say you will never get the balance right.

Since the time Apple announced the release of iOS6, the outcome has been quite a mixed bag for the company. There is absolutely no doubt that Apple has work on many of the shortcomings of the previous versions of iOS6. These subtle changes can be experienced by users of various Apple products including the iPod touch, the new iPad, iPhone 3GS, 4 and 5 as well as iPad 2. There is no doubt that Apple will not end its pursuit for perfection just yet but iOS6 is as good as it gets. Barring the complaints regarding Apple Maps, things seem to be going quite smooth for the new operating system.

Though most of the innovations presented in iOS6 are quite well known, there are still many features of the operating system that are not known by many. The following are a few of them.

The iOS6 Notification Center

One of the best new features of theseoperating systems is the notification center. It is now equipped with the capability to display the end time of all events marked on the calendar. In earlier versions of iOS, users were only able to view the starting time but now this problem has been taken care of. Again, the calendar in this section also includes the date as well as the day of the week. Another problem with earlier versions of iOS would also cut off long locations on events in an abrupt fashion. This would usually pose quite an inconvenience for users. With iOS6, you have a comprehensive location section where nothing gets cut off even if the location runs into several lines.

The Notification Center

The Notification Center


Better Reminders

This seems to be yet another basic problem that Apple hadn’t nailed until recently. And they haven’t really mentioned it either. However, this change came as a rather pleasant surprise. Events that are overdue are now displayed as a badge quite clearly in the reminders section. Again, iPad reminders got a further leap with a dedicated section for events to handle under “Today”. iPhone users also got an added incentive with the change in UI. You don’t need to worry about that hassle filled tap calendar as the new version now has a day section with the horizontal scroll facility.

Improvement in Brightness Settings

With iOS6, you can expect much better and more effective features for auto-dim. You also got an option for brightness adjustment at the lock screen which is yet another major improvement. With the earlier versions of iOS, it would be an annoying to unlock your iPhone or iPad in a dark room because of the blast of brightness. However, iOS6 has made improvements to ensure that the brightness is appropriate the moment you unlock your phone



Exercise can cure anything in life starting from memory loss to depression. Physical exercises strengthens our body and improves our muscle tone, while mental exercises are designed to make us free from stress and give complete relaxation.

What triggers happiness in our brain when we exercise?

It is seen that when we do exercise for the brain we feel happier. The overall stamina of the body improves. Doing our daily activities becomes easier if we do our mental exercise regularly.


When the exercises are done, the brain starts recognizing this as a stressful moment. While you do exercises, the heart pressure is one the rise and the brain thinks you are fighting the enemy. During this process as an initiative for protection for your brain from the factor of stress, a BDNF protein is released. This BDNF protects your memory neurons and would act as a reset button. This is one reason why we often feel at ease and relax when we start our exercises. We are eventually very happy.

While exercising endorphins that are another chemical that is excellent to fight against stress gets released in your brain. These endorphins will lessen the discomfort of physical exercise and block the pain.

The key to get maximum happiness by way of exercise is not to do too much on a particular day but do little on a daily basis. Our mind consists of 5 different kinds of cognitive functions.


Memory is the most important cognitive function that is like reading, mental calculation and reasoning. To maintain good memory power, you need to be well trained which can be easier than what you think. One good exercise to improve memory is to listen to a song and memorize the lyrics. By doing this the level of acetylcholine increases in the brain..

Mental Exercises to Help

Mental Exercises to Help

Power of Attention

Paying attention is important in doing different tasks. If you have good attention to details you can concentrate even when there is too much noise and distractions that can bother you. By changing our routine we can improve on the attention we pay on certain things..

The Power of Attention:

3- Activities on Language

The various activities that we do on language can challenge our skill to remember, recognize and understand words. This is also a fantastic exercise to improve our grammar, vocabulary and fluency.
4- Visual-Spatial

We are today living in a 3dimensional world full of colors. Visual information is important if we need to act within our environment. To improve this you can walk in a room and pick six items and remember the locations from where they were picked. Wait for two hours and put it back on the same place. This can help you improve your visual and spatial power.

5- Function of an Executive

We always use our skills of reasoning and logic to make decisions and think of the possible reactions of your actions. Everyday you need to check the actions you are taking and the possible outcome of the same.

Trust is the base for any relationship, especially for romantic relationship. If you and your partner are successful in building trust in your intimate relationship, you both can lead a content life. You can get peace that comes from that fact that your partner is there for you to understand your problems and give support. Here are some simple steps that you can take to build trust to enjoy long lasting romantic relationship.

  1. Express Your Love to Your Partner Frequently

Though it is true that actions can express love better than words, you need to tell your partner that you love him/her frequently. Verbalizing your feeling in a right way can help your partner understand how you care for him/her and can make him/her feel secure in your relationship. You can also do some simple things to show your affection. Hold your partner’s hands while walking down the street or put your arm around his/her shoulder while relaxing on your living room. Give your partner the warmth of love and convey the love you have for him/her.

  1. Show Bounteousness and Gratitude

If your lover has been longing for a pair of shoes or a trendy outfit, but cannot afford to it, you can buy it and give as a surprise gift. If your partner gives you a gift or does something especially for you, express your gratitude by planning a romantic dinner in your garden.



  1. Discuss Everything

You may wonder how discussion can help to build trust in romantic relationship. However, you can build a lasting relationship by spending a few minutes daily to discuss things with your partner. For instance, if you make tea for your partner daily, it can become a mechanical routine. You can make it a comforting ritual by discussing how you and your partner feel about the regimen. Ask him/her whether this routine warms his/her heart. Discussion brings a sense of awareness that in turn refreshes a sense of openhandedness.

Express Your Love was marked,

Express Your Love was marked,

  1. Forgive and Apologize

Many people do not understand the importance of forgiveness and apologies. If your partner says something hurtful, but apologizes to you later, forgive him/her. Accept that you will get hurt or feel disappointed in romantic relationship now and then. This does not mean that your partner does not love for you. Understand your partner is a human being and humans are not perfect. If you hurt your partner, don’t hesitate to ask apologies. Forgiving and apologizing can help you both to establish a loving bond that lasts forever.

If you are a student who has just entered the final year of high school, you must have a lot to deliberate. What can you do after completing your high school? Where should you go? What college to go to in order to fulfill your aims? And whilst bearing in mind these questions, you may be locating the monetary means to make your dreams come true. As a matter of fact, college enrollment is no laughing matter. It costs a fortune to even attend state sponsored institutes, and applying for a student loan is the one and only option left.

Basically, there are 2 kinds of loans that a student can apply for – bank supported private loans and federal loans. Each of these loans has its own set of benefits. These two kinds of loans will assist disburse for everything from daily expenditures to books to college fees and other tuition expenses. All of the student loans come with similar repayment contract. In addition, you will get these loans at lowest interest rates. In certain cases these interest rates are permanent which helps you manage your monetary requirements once you have completed high school. Here is the list of three best student loans.

Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans

The very first type of loan for student is federal plus loan. These types of loans are need-based loans. Nonetheless, instead of being applied by the students, these loans are provided to guardians hoping to disburse for their kids’ college edification themselves. The amount of this loan is identified depending upon the monetary condition and earnings of the guardians plus number of kids going to college.

Another type of loan for students is federal Stafford loan. This is one of the most popular loans used by many students. This loan is available in both unsubsidized and subsidized types. The unsubsidized type does grow interest whilst you are studying where subsidized loans do not start off to increase till you complete your graduation. Federal Stafford Loans come with fixed and low interest rates and are accessible via DOE (Department Of Education). Whatever college you eventually attend will assist you obtain this mortgage via their Financial Aid Office.

Credit and Student Loans

Credit and Student Loans

Private student loan is another option to choose from. Private Banks provide these types of student loans. Private Banks – who also provide other types of loans such as car and home loans – assess the FAFSA form and after that offer the total cash that a college student or their guardian requires. Private student loan is usually taken out when other types of loans are not sufficient to disburse all expenditures of a college and will be identified depending on the same factors that the monetary organizations use to provide any personal loan

There are some movies that make it to the box office while the others just come and go. Yet certain movies appeal to a person. Basically movies under the genre of fantasy charm the young and old alike, like Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Twilight etc. Three of my favourite movies released in 2012 under this genre were Hobbit were Hobbit, Brave and Ted.

Hobbit An unexpected journey This movie is a prequel to the famous Lord of the rings Trilogy, adapted from the book by J.R.R. Tolkien, an English writer. The movie has Ted Freeman known for his role as Dr. Watson in Sherlock, starring in the main lead as Bilbo Baggins. We see a 111 years Bilbo writing his story for his nephew. The movie then transports us 60 years back where a young Bilbo is leading a band of 12 dwarves to recover the lost Kingdom of Erebor which has been captured by Smauch the dragon. This kingdom was ruled by his father Thor until the wicked dragon destroyed their city and drove the dwarfs out of the kingdom. The movie itself is a trilogy and the director has done a good job in the first part and we are awaiting the other two eagerly as it promises more character developments. The fight with the trolls and Bilbo’s encounter with Gollum were the highlights of the movie. This fantasy movie transports you back into the middle earth and makes you bond with the dwarfs fighting for a cause. This is movie is a treat for children and elders who love to get a feel of their childhood days.

The Hobbit An Unexpected

The Hobbit An Unexpected

Rise of the Guardians We have acting legends like Alec Baldwin, Jude law, Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman — all lending their voice for the fantasy animation film by DreamWorks brings out the best of imaginations and takes you back to the days of evil spirits and triumph of evil by the good. The movie has an evil spirit who wants to conquer the world by laying down a gauntlet thus infusing fear in the hearts of the children. It is left to the super heroes each with a special ability to join forces and fight the evil thus reassuring the children of the world that good still exists. Alec Baldwin as north with a Russian accent and Jack Pine as frost have done a solid job. Frost is led to become the guardian to fight for the children along with Tooth fairy, Santa, Easter bunny and sandman

Title: Rise of the Guardians

Title: Rise of the Guardians

These are characters that children have grown up with and adults would love to relate to cherish childhood memories. Watching this movie lets you forget your troubles and transports you into a fun filled fantasy adventure.

Brave Nominated for the Oscars 2013 for best animated movie, this animation fantasy is a masterpiece which we can remember and cherish for a long time. This is the tale of a princess who is a skilled archer and a tom boy. She defies an age old custom and seeks a witches help. The witch unleashes a ill-fated curse which the princess has to fight bravely to undo. Pixar has done a technically good job with visual effects.